Posts from: John Lennon: One Spinal Cracker

Two Tales of a City

Anthony Dominick Benedetto - better known as Tony Bennett -- may have been born and raised in Astoria, Queens, but his timeless love song to San Francisco would convince you he'd lived there all... Read More »

How Come Together Came Together

John Lennon was one spinal cracker, alright.  Who else would LSD guru Timothy Leary ask to write a campaign song for his ill-fated gubernatorial run against Ronald Reagan in 1969?  Lennon set out to... Read More »

John’s Karma: Let Time Wound All Heels

The government of Richard Nixon spent thousands of taxpayer dollars, installed loads of surveillance equipment, and employed countless FBI agents in its four-year effort to deport America-loving peacenik John Lennon, whom they considered a... Read More »

John’s Number Nine Fixation

On this date in 1975, one of John Lennon's most beautiful songs, "No. 9 Dream," peaked at number 9 on the U.S. charts. It was a cut from his 1974 album, "Walls And Bridges,"... Read More »