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Sam Cooke: Calling on Cupid

When you're looking for a last-chance miracle to draw a crush object close to your heart, who do you call upon but Cupid, the god of desire, erotic love, and affection. In 1961, silky-smoky-voiced... Read More »

When The Band Pulled Into Nazareth

In 1968, The Band sang about pulling into Nazareth, "feelin' 'bout half past dead." Robbie Robertson wrote that lyric for The Band's most enduring song, "The Weight," but he wasn't referring to the Holy... Read More »

Tom Waits – A Man Named Sue

Snarly, salty Tom Waits is one of the few singer/songwriters never to sell out by allowing his songs to be used in TV commercials. Waits has filed lawsuits against the following companies for attempting to... Read More »