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Woody Guthrie’s Yiddishe Mama

Woody Guthrie, born 103 years ago today, is best known as the dust bowl balladeer who wrote many of America's most beloved songs, including "This Land Is Your Land." He was a free spirit... Read More »

Tom Waits – A Man Named Sue

Snarly, salty Tom Waits is one of the few singer/songwriters never to sell out by allowing his songs to be used in TV commercials. Waits has filed lawsuits against the following companies for attempting to... Read More »

Thank Canada…for Gordon Lightfoot, Eh

Lest we forget the great Gordon Lightfoot, the Canadian singer/songwriter who turns 74 today. Here's a reminder of his influence. "Lightfoot became a mentor for a long time. I think he probably still is to... Read More »

Neil Diamond: He Is, He Said

The protagonist in the movie "What About Bob" attributes his failed marriage to this time-tested rule:  "There are two types of people in the world -- those who like Neil Diamond and those who... Read More »