Marvin Says: Heal Thyself

Aug 20, 2012 | 1256 Views | 1 Comment

Singer/songwriter Marvin Gaye was one of Motown's greatest recording artists, releasing two groundbreaking concept albums in the early 1970s: "What's Going On" and "Sexual Healing." After seeing the soul man's large collection of pornography, Rolling Stone critic David Ritz suggested that Gaye needed some "sexual healing." This comment inspired the title of one of Marvin's biggest hits. He and Odell Brown are credited as the song's writers, with Ritz receiving a "special thanks" credit. But that wasn't enough for Ritz. He allegedly wanted $10,000 for his contribution, and ended up suing Marvin for songwriting credit. The singer... Read More »

Bruce: Dancing in Debris

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Thanks to Bruce Springsteen's former security man Jim McDuffie we have a list of some of the items thrown onstage at The Boss's Madison Square Garden concert on December 18, 1980. One bedsheet with the words Merry Christmas, Bruce Springsteen One stuffed dog Five Santa Claus hats, three of them stenciled Bruce One box of a dozen Twinkies One box of a dozen Hostess Cupcakes (you just know the roadies made off with the junk food) Three two-foot Christmas stockings stenciled Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band An 18-inch Christmas card with 4 rubber gnome musicians taped to it Two ordinary Christmas cards One... Read More »

The British Rock Olympics: The Style Icon Competition, Part Two – The ’70s

Aug 10, 2012 | 2272 Views | 2 Comments

Ask me where I would love to have lived in the 1960s, and I'll say LONDON in a Big Ben minute. The fashions, the music, the clubs! Imagine the chance to sit in on the drug trials of Mick and Keith! Or being able to crawl through Paul McCartney's bathroom window, as fans once did. Blimey, the bobbies didn't even carry guns (and still don't, except for special circumstances). Alas, the swinging times came to an end in the 1970s, as inflation, unemployment, high taxes and strikes eventually made for a very unmerry old England. But... Read More »

The British Rock Olympics: The Style Icon Competition, Part One – The ’60s

Aug 5, 2012 | 2298 Views | 7 Comments

When it comes to music, I've waved the U.K. Rock Team flag my entire life. Okay, I realize those skinny boys stole a lot of riffs and rhythms from their American R&B heroes of the '50s. But there was something about their electric British sound and haughty, mod style that turned me into a Union Jack junkie from my earliest Beatle-loving days. So, in honor of London hosting the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, here is Part One of my series on British rock medal winners: The 1960s Style Icon Competition. From Carnaby Street to The King's Road... Read More »

Southside Johnny Lyon: Foot Soldier of the Jersey Music Mafia

Jul 29, 2012 | 1979 Views | 5 Comments

When tickets went on sale this past spring for the Rod Stewart/Stevie Nicks July 28 "Heart and Soul" show at Pittsburgh's Consol Energy Center, I took pause. I've adored Rod since his earliest days in the music biz, when he sang his heart out with Brit bands like Long John Baldry's Hoochie Coochie Men, The Jeff Beck Group and The Faces. But as much as I love Rod The Former Mod, was I really willing to fork over $150 to sit half a mile from the stage of a 19,000-seat arena to hear him sing "Do... Read More »