Bad Finger Boogie

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Badfinger was a Beatle-esque British band that scored a number of hits in the 1970s, including "No Matter What," "Day After Day," and "Baby Blue." In 1968 they became one of the first groups signed by The Beatles' new Apple records label. Originally known as The Iveys, they changed their name upon release of their debut single, "Come and Get It," which was written and produced by Paul McCartney. It was Neil Aspinall, head of Apple Corps, who coined the group's new moniker. It seems that around the time the Beatles were recording "With A Little Help... Read More »

John and his Cursed Ciggies

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All the Beatles smoked.  But then, who didn't have a ciggie 'tween their fingers in those days?  Keith Richards of The Stones was simply incapable of playing guitar without a cigarette dangling from his lips. But John Lennon obviously cursed his cigarette habit. In two of his Beatles' songs he makes references to the evil cancer sticks. In "I'm So Tired" from The White Album he sings: Although I'm so tired, I'll have another cigarette And curse Sir Walter Raleigh, he was such a stupid get. British explorer Sir Walter Raleigh is well known for popularizing tobacco in the United Kingdom... Read More »

What Motivates Us to Work? For Bruce and Me, It’s ‘Abandonment of the Self’

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At a show at New York's legendary Apollo Theater a few months back, Bruce Springsteen joked that he was the "hardest working white man in show business." Bruce made this remark in homage to one of his idols, the late James Brown, the soul-funk sensation long known as the "hardest working man" in the business. James, the Apollo apostle, often performed up to 330 one-night shows per year, in extravagant bop-till-you-drop style. Growing up in extreme poverty may have driven James Brown to work till exhaustion, but what inspired a middle-class white boy from Long Branch, New... Read More »

Marvin Says: Heal Thyself

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Singer/songwriter Marvin Gaye was one of Motown's greatest recording artists, releasing two groundbreaking concept albums in the early 1970s: "What's Going On" and "Sexual Healing." After seeing the soul man's large collection of pornography, Rolling Stone critic David Ritz suggested that Gaye needed some "sexual healing." This comment inspired the title of one of Marvin's biggest hits. He and Odell Brown are credited as the song's writers, with Ritz receiving a "special thanks" credit. But that wasn't enough for Ritz. He allegedly wanted $10,000 for his contribution, and ended up suing Marvin for songwriting credit. The singer... Read More »

Bruce: Dancing in Debris

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Thanks to Bruce Springsteen's former security man Jim McDuffie we have a list of some of the items thrown onstage at The Boss's Madison Square Garden concert on December 18, 1980. One bedsheet with the words Merry Christmas, Bruce Springsteen One stuffed dog Five Santa Claus hats, three of them stenciled Bruce One box of a dozen Twinkies One box of a dozen Hostess Cupcakes (you just know the roadies made off with the junk food) Three two-foot Christmas stockings stenciled Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band An 18-inch Christmas card with 4 rubber gnome musicians taped to it Two ordinary Christmas cards One... Read More »