From Bullfrog to Bulldog: A Beatles Gem From Their Post-Pepper End Days

May 23, 2012 | 1466 Views | 0 Comments

“Hey Bullfrog.”  That was the original working title of the piano-driven Beatles song that ended up being called “Hey Bulldog” when Paul, for some unknown reason, began barking during the recording.  Here’s a clip of the boys performing the song, which was, unfortunately, buried on the “Yellow Submarine” soundtrack. This is one of the few films of the band performing a complete session at Abbey Road studios.

The clip was eventually worked into a promotional film for the “Lady Madonna” single.  The Beatles hoped to release the package during their February/March 1968 meditation retreat in India with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (the object of John’s scathing “Sexy Sadie”). By the time the boys returned from their spiritual adventure, tensions would plague the band for the remainder of its days.  Which is why this video is so special. It captures one of the last times the four came together in the studio and really rocked as a unit. Paul’s bass throbs like mad, Ringo’s drums thunder, and George’s fuzz box makes for some blistering guitar. The comic bark and response interplay between John and Paul at the end of the song is a poignant reminder of happier days. “Whaddya say?” “I say woof!”

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