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Eat Barilla Pasta…Be More Macho

Guido Barilla, president of the world's largest manufacturer of boxed pasta, has vowed his company would never feature homosexuals in its ads: "I would never make a spot with a homosexual family," he said yesterday... Read More »

Is it Doomsday Already?

Heavens to Murgatroyd!  According to the ancient Mayans, the world will end on Friday, and I have SO much left to do!  I've had "doomsday" pencilled in on both my pocket calendar and the... Read More »

John and his Cursed Ciggies

All the Beatles smoked.  But then, who didn't have a ciggie 'tween their fingers in those days?  Keith Richards of The Stones was simply incapable of playing guitar without a cigarette dangling from his lips.... Read More »

All Good Rockers Thank Their Moms

Every year when I watch the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's new inductees deliver their acceptance speeches, I'm moved to hear the titans of the music business thank their mothers - for buying... Read More »