Business Writing

During my 20 years with Westinghouse Electric Corporation, I typed my fingers to the bone writing brochures, speeches, video scripts, newsletters, press releases and proposals.  As editor of the Westinghouse Energy Digest, the company’s customer magazine, I wrote about power generation issues – traveling internationally to conduct research and interview industry executives. I often felt like I was on an Olympic writing team. The PC support tech was constantly replacing my battered keyboard.  Click on the links below to read my articles. (Dennis Hatton provided the graphic design and production of Energy Digest.)






Achieving Nuclear Plant Construction in Six Years

Westinghouse Energy Digest – November 1985






Media Coverage of Chernobyl: Fact or Fiction

Westinghouse Energy Digest – December 1986






The Not So Far East: Westinghouse Offers Solutions for Enhancing Soviet Designed Nuclear Plants

Westinghouse Nuclear and Advanced Technology Division magazine – Spring 1992






Power Profile: Yotaro Iida of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Energy Digest – July 1987






Sizewell B: The U.K. Gears Up for Its First PWR

Energy Digest – July 1986






Power Profile: Lord Water Marshall of the United Kingdom’s Central Electricity Generating Board

Energy Digest – July 1986






The Best of Times

Editorial written for Westinghouse Executive Vice President Ted Stern for Energy Digest – October 1988






Regulatory Certainty: The New Game in Town

Energy Digest – July 1986






Nuclear Safety: Communicating a Commitment

Editorial written for Westinghouse Nuclear Division Vice President Jim Moore for Energy Digest – December 1986